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Taking You From Blocked to Brilliant

When the stakes are high, you don’t want tension and anxiety to hold you back, or unhelpful thinking to trip you up. I teach and support you with proven approaches that integrate your mind & body, so that you can embody (and ENJOY!) your fully authentic presence, on stage and off.


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What I liked best about Tory’s approach was the tremendous support... Tory has a wealth of knowledge about Alexander Technique, as well as the life of an actor, and how the two worlds meet up. She creates a judgement-free space where you are free to explore and experiment.
Overall, I feel that I have begun to allow readiness to be something that’s with me, rather than something I have to go get; as well as not worrying about moments to come, but rather allowing my body to live more in the present. I would tell people you have to work with Tory, especially if you see yourself as an all-encompassing artist.
Previously, I felt like tension and/or stress must be pushed out of one’s mind by means of vague relaxation techniques, but now I feel more capable of purposefully redirecting that energy toward more useful awareness that brings a kind of heightened sense of connectedness that I’m excited to explore. I feel Tory’s instruction has immense value for a broad spectrum of artistic pursuits.
Tory gave me the thinking vocabulary to address any tension, fixed physical pattern of movement, or unwanted sensation in my body. She also helped me realize that my body is an amazing thing! These teachings are invaluable to me both as an actor and as a human being.


what is the Alexander technique?

I describe A.T. as “coming home to your coordination.” We’re designed for ease & efficiency of expression, but we’ve developed a lifetime of mind- and body-habits that interfere. Big time.

The Alexander Technique will guide you toward new experiences of integration, freedom, and ease of being.


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About Me


I’m an actor and an educator. I’m also an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) with a history of on-again, off-again with my personal Anxiety Monster. Oh, and Imposter Syndrome. Ten years ago, I discovered I could keep those meanies at bay - and enjoy more presence and ease on stage - through the Alexander Technique.

I became a certified AT teacher in order to help people like you uncover your own inner power and poise. Because I believe that storytelling is most powerful when performers are available to spontaneity instead of anxiety, curiosity instead of fear, and ease instead of tension.

I’ve seen this work bring healing, resilience, and the capacity for greater connection and goodness, on stage and off. If this sounds good to you, we should talk.